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All golfers need to use the right equipment for their body types and physical conditions, including golf clubs that fit their needs. For instance, many manufacturers of golf clubs specialize in creating clubs for women that have softer shafts, which are lighter and more flexible. Here you will find links to our super in-depth buying guides. where we have literally invested hundreds of hours of research. This best golf club buying guide will help you put together the perfect set for yourself and give you tips to make the process fun and painless.

Best Golf Club Reviews & buying Guides in 2018-2019

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Best Golf clubs choosing guidelines:

When looking for new golf equipment, it is important to know what to look for and what you need. The below steps are general guidelines to follow when beginning to select the proper equipment.

A baseline set that is a good start for any golfer includes the following:
  1. Driver (9.5 – 13 degrees)
  2. Fairway Wood (15 – 17 degrees)
  3. Hybrid (19 – 21 degrees)
  4. Iron Set (4 — PW, AW or SW)
  5. Wedge (SW and/or LW)
  6. Putter (33″, 34″ or 35″ — length is determined by player preference)
Understand what clubs and other accessories make up a complete set. The rules of golf limit you to carry no more than 14 clubs in your golf bag from putter to driver. That doesn’t mean you absolutely need 14, just that 14 is the maximum allowed. Starting with the above clubs as your baseline set, you can then start selecting equipment based on your ability level. Though the clubs above are listed as a baseline, there is an infinite number of possibilities to create a set of clubs.
It all depends on your preferences and how well you hit each different club. Long irons can be replaced with hybrids or woods. Irons can even replace woods. And any number of wedges can be chosen to be put into your bag. These are just a few ways to switch up what is in your bag, but 14 clubs are the limit by rule. See what you like best or what benefits your game best. The possibilities are endless, but by starting with this basic set you can better determine what is going to be the perfect set for you.
The next part of shopping for clubs can get quite confusing, but we are here to make this process much easier. You need to realize not only the terminology of the components but how those components modify to your game.


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Taylor Made M2 Men’s Driver

Why do we call it better?

  • The shaft options allow all styles of players to pick up this driver.
  • Improved workability – the leading edges of M2 irons have been meticulously designed for proper turf interaction
  • MULTI-MATERIAL with high-density tungsten
  • Compact shaping – M2 features a smaller overall head design compared to other distance irons.
  • Face slot technology – engineered into M2 irons


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